Handa-kun is a prequel of an anime I reviewed before here, Barakamon, that is released two years after Barakamon ended. The story still focused on Handa Sei when he is still in his awkward life in high school. He always thinks that he is an outcast, even though people actually admire him because of his calligraphy skill and his good-looking face. While people think of him as cool, Handa actually think that people don’t want to befriend him. This never-ending misunderstanding has made a lot of things happened to Handa’s and others’ life.

When you have watched Barakamon, then you would have known how simple the story is. It goes the same with Handa-kun. The story is based on a daily high school life of a socially awkward high schooler. However, somehow this anime doesn’t really end up as well as the sequel. It is funny to see how Handa thinks that people hate him and how he avoids people because he doesn’t want to bring misery to other. But, on this anime you will meet new characters (his classmates) who adore him for whatever he does. This makes the anime is funny at first and gets boring after some episodes. Still, the ending pays it all for me because of how he remains misunderstanding things.

The art and character design is almost the same with the sequel, where you won’t find any eye candy throughout the series, except Handa itself of course (lol).  For the song, I don’t really like the OP song, apart from that it is in a metal genre which is not my favorite, I think it just doesn’t get along well with the story of the anime. The ED song is pretty good but also not the one that I will listen over and over again. As for the BGMs, I will say that they are pretty standard but I guess you can just get with them. Overall, for me it is not as good as the sequel, but better than another specific anime about a high school idol (that I never watched again after 2 episodes). However, if you need an anime with some jokes and simple story that I will surely suggest this one after Barakamon.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.46

Personal rating: 7.5


Rokka no Yuusha

Rokka no Yuusha

In a magical world, there is a fear from the people of the Demon God who is at the moment waiting to be awakened. However, mankinds still have a single hope on six people who are recognized as the Braves of Six Flowers. They are chosen by the Goddess of Fate with the mission to defeat the Demon God. The story focused on Adlet Mayer, a boy who proclaimed himself as “the strongest man in the world”. With other Braves, NachetanyaFlamie, and Goldov, Adlet went on a journey to meet the rest of the team before defeating the Demon God. But things are getting rough when there are seven heroes present and they doubt Adlet as the fake Braves.

When I heard the title, Rokka no Yuusha, I quickly assumed that this anime would be full of action and battle with the fiends, ended with the final battle with the Demon God. Of course, I also though of the happy ending where everyone is smiling after a rough battle and they are looking at the bright new day. But after a few episodes, those thought are gone. Rokka no Yuusha’s main point is not about defeating the Demon God, but looking for the seventh Brave who is a fake. So, it is more of a mystery anime, not action. Still, I find it pretty much easy to guess so I can’t really enjoy the mystery as well.

From the character, I won’t say much because there isn’t anything special for me, except for Nachetanya. She is a princess of a kingdom and this is her first journey. I like how they portray her naivetés because she never seen the world outside and how it can give her many surprises. I think that she develops well through the episodes. For other elements, I think they are also so-so. The arts are good but not so great and the BGMs are also not that impressive, though I like the OP and ED songs. I don’t know if they will make a second season from this anime because in the end they haven’t defeated the Demon God, so there is a possibility. But tbh, I’m not sure that I need another season.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.63

Personal rating: 5.00



Barakamon is an anime about a famous calligrapher, Handa Seishuu, who is sent to a small village because of his bad attitude when a veteran called his winning piece as “unoriginal”. The young and talented yet narcissist artist is now has to adapt to live far from the modern Tokyo. There, he wants to find new inspiration while learning new things he never thought of before in a place that will force him to face various people and events in the society.

Slice of life is usually not my type of anime because I found some boring. Yet, Barakamon has succeed to make me finished it in a day. The story is simple, but it comes with a good comedy and maybe it gives me a perfect image of how simple it is to live in a small village where people are nice, sceneries are pleasing, and you won’t find problems like traffic jam and people looking at their phone all the time as you will find in the city everyday. Through this anime, I went on a vacation where I am able to relax myself.

That said, you could see how I really pleased with this anime. The story of Barakamon is simple yet great and touching, supported by various interesting characters that are also developing through the anime, and of course, good comedy. The art is not mesmerizing but perfectly fit the story. The OSTs are also great, especially the opening and ending songs.

I personally find it hard to criticize this anime. To tell you the truth, if you look at it piece by piece, they are far from perfect. The story is simple, the art and character design is what you will find in most slice of life anime, the OSTs are great but not that special, and the characters are what you will find in your everyday life also. However, all of that components are so balanced that they make this anime as perfect as it is. So, if I have to say something bad about this anime I will just say that this anime should have been longer and make me laugh more.

MyAnimeList rating: 8.50

Personal rating: 9.75

What the? I didn’t think that it’s actually almost 2 months already since I posted my last review.. Will try to keep this page of mine updated more frequently..

Zetsuen no Tempest

Zetsuen no Tempest

Also known as “The Civilization Blaster”, Zetsuen no Tempest is an anime about two normal high school boys, Takigawa Yoshino and Fuwa Mahiro who are on a journey to save the world. Takigawa Yoshino is an ordinary boy who has a complicated mind while Fuwa Mahiro is a boy who driven to help a stranded witch named Kusaribe Hakaze in exchange to find and kill a murderer who killed his little sister, Fuwa Aika.

Hasil gambar untuk fuwa aika

It is a rather surprising thing to know that not so many people know about this anime as I find it good. With some plot twists and surprise, this anime has been able to make me watch through all episodes almost non-stop. Maybe the idea of the story is not that original or new, but still I find it entertaining. I think that the main point that makes this anime is interesting is the characters. Every character has their own unique side yet they can blend into the story very well so that every character has their own impression left for the audience. Another thing that makes me interested is that they quote Shakespeare a lot, and most is based on my favorite Shakespeare’s story.

Other than the story and the characters, the BGMs are good too, though I don’t really like the OPs and EDs. Also, you can find nice artworks too from this series, makes the more positive points this anime have. The minus point for me is the ending of the anime. It is good, but not what you will call as great. I can’t say much because that will spoil the fun, but I suggested you to watch this anime.

MyAnimeList rating: 8.18

Personal rating: 9.00



Back to anime. Mushishi is an interesting anime and you can watch it randomly and at a slow pace. In this review, I’m talking about both seasons (Mushishi and Mushishi Zoku Shou) because there is no difference, except for the op and ed songs. You can also include the OVA (Mushishi special: Hihamukage), because, once again, there is no difference.

Mushishi is an anime about a traveler named Ginko, a Mushi-shi, who is going on a research about Mushi, the most basic form of life that can exists in many forms and have the ability to copy a lot of phenomenon in the world like plants and diseases. While Mushi-shi are those who research about Mushi, and in some case, kill them. Through his journey, Ginko help many people who have cases related to Mushi.

There isn’t much review can be done for this one because every episode has its own story. That is why I said that you could watch it in a random order, well maybe after the first episode. All I can say that Mushishi is a beautiful anime. Every story has its own morale value that we can learn from and the concept of “Mushi” itself is very unique and interesting. I find the art is also pleasing with classic theme and soft colours. The BGMs and OSTs are also very relaxing. For the characters, Ginko is, well, Ginko. He is a simple human with all of his plus and minus and that’s what makes him interesting.

However I won’t say that this anime is perfect tho. For me, I am very pleased with Mushishi, but some people may find it pretty boring because there isn’t any plot that leads to the big conflict or problem. There aren’t much difference too between many character designs, except for Ginko of course, and some supporting characters that appear more than once. Still, this anime is very worth to see.

MyAnimeList rating:

Mushishi: 8.78

Mushishi Zoku Shou: 8.80

OVA: 8.67

Personal overall rating: 9.85

Dareka no Manazashi

I haven’t watched all of his anime, but I have been a fan of Makoto Shinkai since “Hoshi no Koe”. Back then, his character design isn’t really my favorite. However, we can’t argue about the beauty and detail setting design. All of his anime that I have watched also has an interesting story, making those incredible artworks are more than gimmicks.

Dareka no Manazashi

Dareka no Manazashi is just a 6-minutes anime (or advertisement) with a simple story. Yet, in that simplicity, we are reminded of what is important and what we usually forget, or even left, due to the business of our daily life. While we are busy trying to make everything right, we forget the best and closest thing that we have all the time, our family. We often think how leaving our family and live by ourselves will give us freedom, however we rarely think about how our parents felt when we left them.

In such a short time, the narrator helped us to get hold of what’s going on and the message is clearly told. Personally, I don’t think that will hurt to make a longer version so we can take a grasp more of the situation because this anime is jump straight to the problem and the resolution, making it too fast-paced for some. But everything is good as it is, the storyline, the artwork, and the music, and the ending song.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.60

Personal rating: 8.50