Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish Poster

So, this is another Japanese movie that I watched recently and accidentally. The story tells us about a university student named Tsuneo. He worked at a casino where he heard a story about a weird old lady who always takes a stroll with a baby cart. After that, Tsuneo finds that lady and found out that she takes her grandchild to a walk everyday with the baby cart because her grandchild can’t walk.

One of the things that I like from a Japanese movie is the comedy part, and this movie has it. It makes me laugh, however, it doesn’t last long. With the length takes almost 2 hours, I got bored through half the movie. The idea of the story itself is great and it can be a one touching movie even with some silly parts. But, it turns out to be that boring romance movie.

The worse thing is that I decided to finish it, because the worst part of the movie is the ending. I don’t want to spoil it here, but I just asked myself like “really? That’s it?” because I just can’t understand what the ending really wants to tell us. Also, the length is too long that there are so many unimportant parts that actually can be used more to build the plot of the story.

Apart from the story, it also has the thing that I also like from a Japanese movie, the color hue. With that calm color that gives you a soothing feeling and definitely doesn’t hurt your eyes, the movie is pleasing to be seen. Unfortunately, the taste of the music isn’t really fit my taste. It gives you that kind of old movie feeling, though the movie is not really that old.

I don’t really suggest this movie, but you can watch it if you have the time. Because even if the ending is disappointing, I like how the characters are very unique here and I think all the actors done their job very well.

IMDb rating: 7.6

Personal rating: 6.5


Boku wa Ashita, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru

Tomorrow I Will Date with Yesterday's You Poster

Boku wa Ashita, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru is a 2016 movie. There are also two alternative titles in English, ‘My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday’ or ‘Tomorrow I will Date with Yesterday’s You’. This movie itself tells us a story about Takatoshi Minamiyama, an art student in university who falls in love at the first sight with a girl named Emi Fukuju. He then decided to try to talk to Fukuju. They don’t need a long time to date each other and enjoy their happy days. What Minamiyama doesn’t know is that Fukuju has a secret that changes their life.

I actually found this one accidentally and just watched it right away (like, just now). I really like the idea of the story, though I can’t say it here because it will be a big spoiler and ruin the fun. Just like other Japanese romance movie, this one also pictures how a happy couple in their ordinary days when suddenly they have to face a difficult problem. That’s the twist, and I think that this one has a great one. However, the ending might be a bit annoying for some, while for me, I think that it’s a melting happy sad ending.

One of the best things about Japanese romance movie that I prefer than Western drama is the music. It also goes the same for My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday. I think that the music really plays a great role in building the heart-felt atmosphere, and when you hear them again, you can easily reminiscing the scenes from the drama. However, the ending song is not really in my favor.

Apart from the story, I think that choosing Komatsu Nana is the right choice. She has the name, she has the talent, and she has that innocent face that really fits the story as well. Without her, I don’t think that this movie will be recognizable enough, especially abroad. That said, you could see how much I recommended this movie. Not that tear jerking, but it has a really good story.

IMDb rating: 7.8

Personal rating: 9.75