Glass Mask (Garasu no Kamen)

Glass no Kamen (2005)

It’s been a while since I last watched an anime with 51 episodes, so it really takes a while for me. I think that most people know Glass Mask, especially the manga, because it is very popular before. Personally, I don’t read the manga, and I don’t know if I will. However, I must say that watch through all 51 episodes is worth it despite of the old style of art which is not my favorite.

Glass Mask is an anime about theater. Centered around Maya Kitajima, a poor girl whose talent got discovered by a legendary actress, Chigusa Tsukikage. At the same time, there is Ayumi Himekawa, a daughter of successful parents whose longing to be acknowledged by her own talent. Both Maya and Ayumi then start to compete for a legendary role, the Scarlet Angel by showing their talent in act. However, the world of acting is not always be nice to people.

As I said before, it is worth it to watch through all 51 episodes as the story really draws you in. The plot is great and I enjoy how the story goes toward the end. The characters are growing and none of them are left out. Even the supporting characters have just the right portion. Still, Glass Mask is not a perfect anime. I think that my biggest disappointment is the ending. It is not the kind of ending that you expect and I actually hate it.

Other aspects are the art and the musics. They are those typical classic anime (if you don’t want to say old) that are not my favorite. Maybe they are good, but right now I have seen a lot of better quality of musics and arts, so it is a bit hard to be objective. However, these aspects really portray the life of theater that is the main point of the story, so they really fit in.

In final, I will absolutely recommend this anime, even though Glass Mask will take a lot of your time, but it is really one addicting anime.

MyAnimeList rating: 8.20

Personal rating: 8.75


Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

In this world, there is a special breed known as “Diclonius”. Born with special power, the diclonius are secretly used by the government as weapon and subject for inhumane experiment. One day, one of the diclonius, Lucy, finally able to escape from the facility. However, she was badly injured in the head and makes her suffer from a split personality disorder. She was then saved by a college student, Kouta. However, Kouta didn’t realize that his decision would lead him to a fearsome truth.

Actually, Elfen Lied is one of my favorite anime. Though some people choose to overlook it because of the gore and nudity. For some, Elfen Lied is a masterpiece, while for the others, it just sells the gore and nudity points.¬†While I actually enjoy gore and don’t really care with nudity, I think that Elfen Lied has a dark yet sad story.

Elfen Lied offers a story with a great plot twist that left me enjoy it more. Sure there are some plot holes as this anime only comes with 13 episodes. Yet, because of the dark and sad plot, this anime succeed in making me wish for a happy ending, which I rarely do. I think what makes Elfen Lied can be easily ignored is because of the first episode. It already shows gore and nude scenes. However, it will turn way better after that.

I personally like how Elfen Lied goes in a fast pace, yet not that fast so you can really grab everything that is told. The characters are also deep with their own pasts and it really help in understanding what happened. However, sometimes they are too naive to the point that makes me bored.

One of Elfen Lied’s signatures is the opening song that will give you a creepy yet calming feeling. Personally, I really like the song, not just the opening but also the ending. However, with a plot like that, I think that the ending doesn’t fit the story because it is too cheerful. Also, I think that they overuse the opening song a bit because you can hear it a lot of times in different versions in the anime.

As for the graphic, I don’t really have much to say. The character designs can be better, but I think it’s still fine. The colors and the style are also consistent so they don’t bother me much.

Overall, I highly recommend this anime. Just forget what they say about the explicit content and give it a try.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.81

Personal rating: 9.25

Vividred Operation

Vividred Operation

In the world where science has solved everything, Akane Isshiki live peacefully with her little sister and her grandfather, a genius behind the “Manifestation Engine”, a machine that solved the problem of energy. However, the peaceful days end when suddenly unknown enemy called “Alone” try to destroy the Manifestation Engine. Akane has to fight Alone with her friends in order to protect the Manifestation Engine and the world.

It doesn’t take long for me to realize what type of anime it is. Simply said, it is a mahou shoujo anime where friendship can beat everything. Unfortunately, the story is not the one that will leave you in awe. It is very predictable just after you watched a few episodes. What makes it worse is that there are some fan services here and there that make this anime is not very suitable for children, though I’m pretty convinced that children will like this kind of anime.

Though I must say that the story is not impressive, the animation is very well designed. There is a sci-fi element in the anime and it is drawn with great detail. The animation is also consistent that I rarely see any minus point from the art.


The other part that I also like are the character designs, they are clean and beautiful. However, I won’t say the same about the characters. You won’t see any development and there’s nothing special. You can find so many anime with similar characters. If you speak or understand Japanese, you will possibly notice that they are named based on their hair colors.

Move to the last part is the music. I like the Opening and ending songs, but they are also not very special. As for the BGM, I have nothing much to say. It fits but, again, not special. So, overall I don’t really recommend this anime. Except if you are out of anime to watch, but let me tell you that there are plenty better anime out there.

MyAnimeList rating: 6.55

Personal rating: 6.00