HaruChika: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru

HaruChika: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun suru

Chika Homura was a top volleyball player during her junior high. However, she chose to leave it and join the Wind Instrument Club in her high school where she decides to play flute even though the club isn’t so popular. There, she reunited with her childhood friend, Haruta Kamijou, who has an opposite personality. Together, they solve mysteries around them while trying to recruit more members to compete in musical competitions.

First of all, don’t expect to have a musical anime like Hibike Euphonium. HaruChika is more focused on the ‘mystery’ part that it forgets about the ‘music’ part in my opinion. I’m not saying that HaruChika is a bad anime. I enjoy it, really. Still, what I enjoy is the mystery part, and in the end I’m not satisfied with how the music only play a small portion here.

The idea of HaruChika is actually promising: Chika wanted to start a new life by joining Wind Instrument Club instead of the Volleyball Club that she joined in her junior high and how she tries her best to recruit more members for the club so that they can join and win the musical competition.  However, her journey is not that easy because of the events revolving in her high school.

Along the way, HaruChika has too many to serve only in 12 episodes. I guess that’s the main reason of why HaruChika ended up pretty disappointing. There is music, mystery, and also a love triangle. As for the last element, I don’t have much to say because it also not the main point of the anime. Yes, it is interesting to see Haruta and Chika love the same person and show it in a different way, but that’s it.

When I see it as a mystery anime, I can enjoy most of the component of HaruChika, including the BGM that fits the atmosphere built with the story, though they are not that memorable. But, I do like the OP and ED a lot.

Image result for chika homura
That eyes tho

As for the art, it is not that stunning but it is done great. Maybe it is a bit too childish, especially for Chika’s character design, yet it pictures the personality well.

Overall, I actually do enjoy this anime, but I’m still disappointed with the story, especially the ending.

MyAnimeList rating: 6.47

Personal rating: 6.50


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