Koe no Katachi

Koe no Katachi

Ishida Shouya must face a punishment to become a target of bully after he bullied a deaf girl named Nishimiya Shouko that resulted her to transfer school during elementary school. Now, Shouya is given a chance to redeem his mistake and make friends again.

At first, I am not that interested in Koe no Katachi because I thought it would be another romance anime (nope, I didn’t read the synopsis either). It also runs for 2h10m, which is pretty long for anime movie. However, after I watched it, I think that this anime is really good and I doubt that I’ll just watch it once.

Koe no Katachi is still a romance anime, and bullying is not a new theme either. But, one of the main point that makes this anime become different in my opinion is that the main character is a deaf girl. It really elevates the level of this anime and the story becomes deeper.

Koe no Katachi reminds us that bully is a serious matter. We never knew how badly people would hurt because he/she is getting bullied until we become the target. Here, we also learn that bully doesn’t affect only the target but also people around him/her.

The story is really heart warming though I didn’t cry, but I heard that many cries after watching the movie. I like how the plot of the story really brings an emotional roller coaster. I felt so many emotions during watching the movie, sadness, happiness, anger, etc.

Those who have read the manga may feel a bit disappointed because some of the supporting characters are not explained well in the movie. I haven’t read the manga and I do think that characters like Yuzuru and Nagatsuka should be explained more because they left some questions within me. Still, they only have a limited time to explain many things, and I don’t really mind with how it is done. One thing that bothers me more is the ending. I feel like it could have been done a lot better because after the ending I was sitting there like “that’s it?” after how the movie really carry me along its story.

Because it is mostly centered around Shouya, it is easy to see how he develops and changes during the movie. I think that other characters are really great in supporting the story too. The character design and the art are beautiful also with soft colors that are very touching. As for the music, I’m not very satisfied. They are good, but not the one that leave any special impression, including the ending music.

Overall, I highly recommend this movie because it is really enjoyable and I will watch it again for sure.

MyAnimeList rating: 9.15

Personal rating: 9.25


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