ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

ACCA takes place in a fictional country called “Dowa.” The story of the anime centered on Jean Otus, a vice deputy chief of the inspection agency of an organization called ACCA. This giant organization can be said as the ruler of the 13 states in Dowa. With his task to monitor the activities of ACCA across the nation, Jean often has business trip to every district and make sure everything is on check.

My interest in this anime began when I watched the trailer because I thought it was like a detective anime. Apparently, it’s not. However, I’m not disappointed because this anime has interesting theme and plot through the episodes.

One of the unique points of course is the country itself. Dowa has a king, yet there is ACCA that control the country, and then there are these 13 states with their own uniqueness. When I saw this anime, it reminds me of “Kino no Tabi.” This is because even if Jean is visiting the states for official business, we can see the differences of each state.

What I like from the story is also the plot twist inside. There are some secrets that is revealed along the way and the story becomes more interesting. I think that the story is also interesting because of Jean’s character. He is a sharp man and done everything right, yet he is ignorant about his personal life.

Unfortunately, the drawings of the characters are not really my favorite. Though actually I like the color palette used in this anime for both the characters and the background, so this matter doesn’t really bother me when I’m watching the anime. Another thing that isn’t really my favorite is the ending song. But I like the opening song a lot and in my opinion, they have good background music to support the story.

Overall, ACCA is a good anime. The story is enjoyable with its not-so-fast yet not-so-slow pace. To be noted is that this anime is more for you who want to just enjoy the story, not for someone who is looking for action anime with flashy scenes.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.77

Personal rating: 8.50


One thought on “ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

  1. I really enjoyed ACCA and found the story highly interesting. I haven’t done a rewatch yet but will have to before the end of the year because I don’t know if it will be as good the second time when you know the reveals that are coming. Still, well worth the watch and one of my favourite this year so far.


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