Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

This anime tells us about a normal, clumsy girl with a name like a shrine, Fushimi Inari. Since she was a child, she always love the temple and care for other. However, her shyness makes her unable to get closer to her crush, Kouji Tanbabashi. One day, she got a help from the Deity in the temple to make her dream comes true after Inari helped the deity’s familiar. Since then, her life is changing.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha only comes in 10 episodes with one episode OVA. Even though the story is predictable like a typical schoolgirl romance anime, I think that this anime is heart warming and enjoyable to watch. Inari herself is that typical girl who wants to chase her first love, with all the excitement and awkwardness that is relatable with most people in my opinion.

Apart from that, another problem that becomes the main focus in the story is whether a deity or God can get along with human. I think it is interesting to see how the deities are pictured in the anime, with their own plus and minus, making them are similar to human if we talk about the personality. However, of course if I have to choose then my favorite character of all will be Kon. So cute!

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Don’t expect much twists from a short anime because you won’t find it here also. The stories and characters are developing, but I must say once again, that they are predictable. Still, I won’t also say that the story is bad. It is good as it is.

Move to other elements, the graphic and music. Personally I like the graphic, though they are not the best and not as detail as we-know-who. It is like most anime you can find today with the pretty girls and cute expressions.

I think that the music really help a lot in building the atmosphere. With a touch of Japanese traditional music, the BGMs are relaxing when you listen to them. They also blend with the story. The opening song is not my favorite but Maaya Sakamoto’s song in the ending is really good.

Overall, I will recommend this anime when you just want to laid back and enjoy the pace. Besides, 10 episodes aren’t really that much.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.28

Personal rating: 8.00


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