Ghost in the Shell (2017 Movie)

Ghost in the Shell Poster

Ghost in the Shell takes place in the future where the robot has become a part of human’s life. At the beginning, we will shown a project to transplant human’s brain to a synthetic body. The aim of the project is to create an ultimate weapon. From the project, come our main character, the first succeed result called Major Mira Killian who is tasked to fight cyber crime and terrorism. Left with only a few trace of her memory, Mira must fight the world’s most wanted criminal.

To be honest, I didn’t have any plan to watch this movie in the cinema just because action is not really my kind of genre. However, since I have some points that will expire soon, I decided to give this movie a try. The plus point for me is that I haven’t watched the anime, which this movie is based on, so I can watch it more objectively.

Personally, I pretty much enjoyed watching this movie. What makes me enjoy the most is the effect that is so smooth and futuristic, yet not overdone. I really love the shoots of the city views in this movie that portrays a modern city with all the flashy technology and its underground movement.

Other thing that I pretty much enjoy is the music. They are good and they really fit into the story. Though I don’t know why they put this creepy Japanese song on the credit theme. As for the story itself, I’m not really that impressed. Personally I think that most people can figure out the flow of the story, even from the trailer (also one of the main reason I don’t really enjoy action movies). Still, it doesn’t really disappointing.

I realized that one of the main highlights of the movie is the main actress Scarlett Johansson. I am not really a fan of her, but I have watched some of her movies so I can say that she did a good job in Ghost in the Shell. She shows a good expression of an “enhanced human” that has its own task yet is not lack of emotion.

p.s.: I watched it in 4DX theatre that really enhance my experience in watching the movie, so I really recommend it.

IMDB rating: 6.8

Personal rating: 7.5