Fate/Stay Night

Fate/stay night

Just fyi, this one is the version that came out on 2006. I will write about the Unlimited Blade Works series later, promise.

Fate/Stay Night follows a journey of Emiya Shirou, a boy who is a survivor from a mysterious inferno. He was saved by a man named Emiya Kiritsugu who later adopted him and taught him about magic and justice. Shirou leads his peaceful ordinary days until a year after his dad passed away where he accidentally caught himself on a deadly fight between two men with superpowers also referred as “Servant”. He then was chased by one of them when luckily he somehow summoned his own Servant, a knight called Saber. Together, they got in a tournament between seven Servants and their Masters in order to win the fifth “Holy Grail War”.

I will review this from the point of people who never knew the series before. That is why I will say that somehow I get the idea and everything, yet I realize that there are some holes missing. That is how the story of this series become not that special. I like the idea, but the execution is not that smooth that you will leave some question marks here and there. Above all, I think big minus is the romantic relationship near the end of the anime. Yet I have to admit that those things didn’t stop me from watching, so it is actually pretty good.

For a 2006 anime, Fate/Stay Night offers much gimmick to the eyes. The backgrounds are great but what’s best is the CGI effect. The BGMs deserve applauses also. Somehow, this anime is dark and the musics are helping to create the mood. The opening and ending songs are also great and pretty much go well with the story.

Lastly the characters. There are a lot of characters in the anime and I like how they all have their own uniqueness (if not quirk). It shows how all the characters are very well-thought. Everyone leaves an impression for me and that’s how good they are created.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.57

Personal rating: 7.50


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