Hoshi no Koe

Hoshi no Koe

My last review of the year 2016 and it goes for one of Makoto Shinkai’s early work. So, Hoshi no Koe or Voices of a Distant Star is one of my first animes and I still rewatch it again sometime. I guess this anime is also made when Makoto Shinkai hasn’t really been well known like now. But even then, I knew how talented he is because of the story of this anime.

Hoshi no Koe is a 25-minutes OVA that tells us about a long distance relationship (yeah, we know how hard it can be) between a boy and a girl. Set in 2046 when mankind has discovered ruins of alien civilization in Mars and has developed the technology to go through galaxies, they have decided to send an expedition into space. One of the chosen pilot for the expedition is Nagamine Mikako, a junior high school students, whom because of this will be separated from her bestfriend, Terao Noboru who is entering senior high school.

If I only have one word to describe this anime, then I will surely go with “touching”. Both in heartwarming and heartbreaking ways. I was so little when I watched this for the first time and back then I thought “what kind of experts send a junior high school student to space?”, and actually I’m still thinking about it now. However, as you’ve read the summary, now we know that this is not your ordinary long distance relationship because we are talking about relationship through space. Maybe relationship is not the very right word because both characters are friends, not lovers. But away with the fact, you will see how they are hanging on the thin line with the distance and the time difference. I cannot say much about the story because I will spoil too much so just watch it for yourself.

Aside from the story, I will totally praise the music. The BGMs and theme song are great and I still put some on my phone and listen to them sometime. I even sing it along while I write this. But, you may have to be disappointed a little with the character design, though the art is great even though it is not as great as what Makoto Shinkai can do now. That is why somehow I think that if you are a fan of Shinkai’s works, you have to watch this anime and see how he isn’t that great from the beginning. He is learning and being better through all the process and that is how he become who he is now.

P.S.: If you are not that satisfied with the ending of this anime, you can read the manga with the same title because it has the continuation of the story.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.53

Personal rating: 9.75


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