Handa-kun is a prequel of an anime I reviewed before here, Barakamon, that is released two years after Barakamon ended. The story still focused on Handa Sei when he is still in his awkward life in high school. He always thinks that he is an outcast, even though people actually admire him because of his calligraphy skill and his good-looking face. While people think of him as cool, Handa actually think that people don’t want to befriend him. This never-ending misunderstanding has made a lot of things happened to Handa’s and others’ life.

When you have watched Barakamon, then you would have known how simple the story is. It goes the same with Handa-kun. The story is based on a daily high school life of a socially awkward high schooler. However, somehow this anime doesn’t really end up as well as the sequel. It is funny to see how Handa thinks that people hate him and how he avoids people because he doesn’t want to bring misery to other. But, on this anime you will meet new characters (his classmates) who adore him for whatever he does. This makes the anime is funny at first and gets boring after some episodes. Still, the ending pays it all for me because of how he remains misunderstanding things.

The art and character design is almost the same with the sequel, where you won’t find any eye candy throughout the series, except Handa itself of course (lol).  For the song, I don’t really like the OP song, apart from that it is in a metal genre which is not my favorite, I think it just doesn’t get along well with the story of the anime. The ED song is pretty good but also not the one that I will listen over and over again. As for the BGMs, I will say that they are pretty standard but I guess you can just get with them. Overall, for me it is not as good as the sequel, but better than another specific anime about a high school idol (that I never watched again after 2 episodes). However, if you need an anime with some jokes and simple story that I will surely suggest this one after Barakamon.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.46

Personal rating: 7.5


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