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Lie to Me is a 3-seasons-TV series that aired from 2009-2011. It is about a man named Cal Lightman who is an expert in micro expression to detect lies and reveal the truth. In his work, he is helped with some colleagues, Gillian FosterEli Loker, and Ria Torres. However, working in the field that involves many different types of people may complicate things, including his personal life with his daughter, Emily, and his ex-wife, Zoe.

This is my first review on American TV-series and I find it a bit difficult to summarize the whole thing because a TV series can have so many episodes due to so many seasons (that is released every year, which is suck if you have been hooked with one and have to wait a year to know what happens next). For me, Lie to Me has a very interesting theme because I have personal interest on human psychology and it is hard to find a good series or movie that really focused on that. I learned a lot from this series because you will be faced with different cases on each episode.

However, as interesting as it is, I couldn’t help myself not to feel bored. First thing is that not every case will get you thrilled. The next thing that is pretty fatal to the series in my opinion is that you can hardly see the development on each character. I can understand that our main character is of the very stubborn type, but you can expect more from the other characters like how the stress from their lifework can change them to better or worse and how it will develop their relationship with each other. There are some changes of course but it seems that they are “too professional” and these changes don’t seem to affect themselves much.

Lastly, about the songs. I really like the OP song called “Brand New Day” by Ryan Star though I don’t really pay attention to the ending song except for the first one called “Easier to Lie” by Aqualung. A very emotional song that is also good to hear and the lyrics are so true for some people. For me, I would wish for more seasons but I think that in the end of season 3 they don’t have a very good rating and chose to end it, which has become a good reason for you who wants a series with less episodes.

IMDb rating: 8/10

Personal rating: 8/10


Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru (Yuuki Yuuna is a hero in English) is an anime about a group of high school girls that are members of the Hero Club. The girls are Yuuki YuunaTogo MimoriInubouzaki Fuu and her sister Itsuki, and Miyoshi Karin who joined later. Their mission is simple, “to help people in need, including other clubs in school”. However, without them knowing, they are destined to be a real hero who fight against evil thing called “vertice” and protect the world from being destroyed. Yuuki Yuuna and the others must risk their life to become heroes for the world by becoming magical girls.

So I decided to watch this after I saw a recommendation from somewhere I forget (I think it’s 9gag) and I think what I learnt from this anime is that with great powers come great risks. Somehow this anime has pretty much surprised me along with how the story develops. A good thing that makes this pretty recommended, though I will say it bluntly that Madoka Magica is still more surprising and way darker. That is why if by any chance you haven’t watched both I would suggest you to watch this one first. Aside from that, the minus point from this anime itself is the ending that seems too fast and easy. As for the characters, because I think that the timeline of the anime is short, you can’t really see many development, but of course this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. It will be weird to see much change in the characters in a very short time.

Move on to the music, I can say that I pretty much like the BGMs and ending songs, though the opening songs don’t impress me much. Of course, I won’t judge the songs as good or bad because it is a matter of taste, but I can say much that the BGMs are really supporting the mood as the story goes. Lastly, the art of the anime. There is a big difference in the style of the art during battle scene and normal everyday scene. The art during the battle scene takes place in an alternative world and I love it a lot along with one of the strongest points of mahou shoujo anime, their costumes. I’m not saying that the normal scene drew badly. It’s good, but not that impressive. Overall this anime is enjoyable and a must watch if you like the mahou shoujo genre.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.53

Personal rating: 7.50

What the? I didn’t think that it’s actually almost 2 months already since I posted my last review.. Will try to keep this page of mine updated more frequently..