Zetsuen no Tempest

Zetsuen no Tempest

Also known as “The Civilization Blaster”, Zetsuen no Tempest is an anime about two normal high school boys, Takigawa Yoshino and Fuwa Mahiro who are on a journey to save the world. Takigawa Yoshino is an ordinary boy who has a complicated mind while Fuwa Mahiro is a boy who driven to help a stranded witch named Kusaribe Hakaze in exchange to find and kill a murderer who killed his little sister, Fuwa Aika.

Hasil gambar untuk fuwa aika

It is a rather surprising thing to know that not so many people know about this anime as I find it good. With some plot twists and surprise, this anime has been able to make me watch through all episodes almost non-stop. Maybe the idea of the story is not that original or new, but still I find it entertaining. I think that the main point that makes this anime is interesting is the characters. Every character has their own unique side yet they can blend into the story very well so that every character has their own impression left for the audience. Another thing that makes me interested is that they quote Shakespeare a lot, and most is based on my favorite Shakespeare’s story.

Other than the story and the characters, the BGMs are good too, though I don’t really like the OPs and EDs. Also, you can find nice artworks too from this series, makes the more positive points this anime have. The minus point for me is the ending of the anime. It is good, but not what you will call as great. I can’t say much because that will spoil the fun, but I suggested you to watch this anime.

MyAnimeList rating: 8.18

Personal rating: 9.00


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