Zetsuen no Tempest

Zetsuen no Tempest

Also known as “The Civilization Blaster”, Zetsuen no Tempest is an anime about two normal high school boys, Takigawa Yoshino and Fuwa Mahiro who are on a journey to save the world. Takigawa Yoshino is an ordinary boy who has a complicated mind while Fuwa Mahiro is a boy who driven to help a stranded witch named Kusaribe Hakaze in exchange to find and kill a murderer who killed his little sister, Fuwa Aika.

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It is a rather surprising thing to know that not so many people know about this anime as I find it good. With some plot twists and surprise, this anime has been able to make me watch through all episodes almost non-stop. Maybe the idea of the story is not that original or new, but still I find it entertaining. I think that the main point that makes this anime is interesting is the characters. Every character has their own unique side yet they can blend into the story very well so that every character has their own impression left for the audience. Another thing that makes me interested is that they quote Shakespeare a lot, and most is based on my favorite Shakespeare’s story.

Other than the story and the characters, the BGMs are good too, though I don’t really like the OPs and EDs. Also, you can find nice artworks too from this series, makes the more positive points this anime have. The minus point for me is the ending of the anime. It is good, but not what you will call as great. I can’t say much because that will spoil the fun, but I suggested you to watch this anime.

MyAnimeList rating: 8.18

Personal rating: 9.00


Kimi no Na wa

Kimi no Na wa.

Kimi no Na wa is a new movie from Makoto Shinkai with a bit of supernatural genre in it. The story comes with two main characters that live in two different conditions. The first one is Mitsuha, a countryside high school girl who dreams to leave her city and move to Tokyo. Another one is Taki, a high school boy from Tokyo and also a part timer in an Italian cafe who has strong interest in architecture. One day, a while after a moment of a fallen comet, Mitsuha dreams that she become a high school boy, while Taki dreams that he becomes a high school girl. What is exactly happening to them?

If you are similar with Shinkai’s works, you will get it once I said that this anime is so Shinkai-ish. For the first couple of minutes, maybe you won’t get any sense of this anime. But, after that, you will get to know what this anime is about. Of course, as this anime is so typical of his works, I can pretty much guess the ending, though that doesn’t make me enjoy the anime less. While the anime can be said as lack of surprise, yet the story is heart warming and I find it very enjoyable to see both characters that lead very different life. Unfortunately, the supernatural thing is not described really well. It just happened, so I guess that’s the main minus point of the story.

I won’t say much about the artwork, as we all know Makoto Shinkai is great. The details, the colors, everything is almost perfect while I can see that actually there are a lot of better character designs (with hotter guys and cuter girls), but I guess it is not a very big deal. The characters themselves are your average high school students. It is common for Shinkai to have simple characters. But, I can’t feel the connection to the characters. Like, they are too brief explained and they left me with just a little impression. The OSTs are done by a Japanese band RADWIMPS. The songs are good with the lyrics are helping to build up the emotion, but sometimes it feels a little off and for me personally, I think an instrumental will be better for a background in the middle of the story.

Overall, this anime is great, though Kotonoha no Niwa is still my favorite. This anime can pretty much give you an emotional roller coaster and I think that this anime is a must watch.

MyAnimeList rating: 9.39

Personal rating: 9.25



Kiznaiver focuses on Katsuhira Agata a poker-faced teenage boy who can’t feel any pain and is often bullied. Even though he feels nothing from getting beaten up, it makes his childhood friend; Chidori Takashiro worried and said that he has changed. One day, Katsuhira, Chidori, and four other teenagers, Niko Niiyama, Honoka Maki, Hajime Tenga, and Tsuguhito Yuta who attend the same class were kidnapped and forced to join an experiment called “Kizuna System”, a project that tries to connect people through pain in order to promote peace. They, now also known as Kiznaiver must complete a mission to be released from the system.

Kiznaiver has a unique concept that, once again, is not very well done in the execution (sorry to say that). The story is actually very potential, but instead of making it more interesting and complex, the production stopped it at 12th episodes and it makes everything seem to be just “all’s well that ends well” and left some things unanswered. The characters are developing, yes. But not in a very special way, rather in a way that you can see in most anime about friendship and another thing is that they were supposed to be unique in each different way, but it ended up the characters are not that unique as well. There are some funny scenes as well but unfortunately they don’t help much. So, I must say that the story is not that interesting as it seems.

The two things that pretty much good of this anime are the arts and musics. The background is designed to be colorful and I think that it is great while the musics are emotional so it helps build the ambience of the anime. Not so impressed by the character design, tho and somehow I was reminded with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann after looking at some character.

I will recommend this anime if you are looking for something a bit different, but it is best to not have a high expectation. At this level I don’t think that a second season will help because of the way the story ends.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.71

Personal rating: 6.50