Back to anime. Mushishi is an interesting anime and you can watch it randomly and at a slow pace. In this review, I’m talking about both seasons (Mushishi and Mushishi Zoku Shou) because there is no difference, except for the op and ed songs. You can also include the OVA (Mushishi special: Hihamukage), because, once again, there is no difference.

Mushishi is an anime about a traveler named Ginko, a Mushi-shi, who is going on a research about Mushi, the most basic form of life that can exists in many forms and have the ability to copy a lot of phenomenon in the world like plants and diseases. While Mushi-shi are those who research about Mushi, and in some case, kill them. Through his journey, Ginko help many people who have cases related to Mushi.

There isn’t much review can be done for this one because every episode has its own story. That is why I said that you could watch it in a random order, well maybe after the first episode. All I can say that Mushishi is a beautiful anime. Every story has its own morale value that we can learn from and the concept of “Mushi” itself is very unique and interesting. I find the art is also pleasing with classic theme and soft colours. The BGMs and OSTs are also very relaxing. For the characters, Ginko is, well, Ginko. He is a simple human with all of his plus and minus and that’s what makes him interesting.

However I won’t say that this anime is perfect tho. For me, I am very pleased with Mushishi, but some people may find it pretty boring because there isn’t any plot that leads to the big conflict or problem. There aren’t much difference too between many character designs, except for Ginko of course, and some supporting characters that appear more than once. Still, this anime is very worth to see.

MyAnimeList rating:

Mushishi: 8.78

Mushishi Zoku Shou: 8.80

OVA: 8.67

Personal overall rating: 9.85


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