Tsumiki no Ie / La Maison en Petits Cubes

Tsumiki no Ie

It is a small town that is hit by a never-ending flood. In this town where the water level is always rising, lived an old man who must constantly build his house in order to survive. One day, when his favorite smoking pipe falls into the deepest level of his house, he must dive to take it back. This diving is not just about taking his pipe back as he remembering his memories by looking through each floor of the house.

You don’t need 12 episodes, an hour, or 24 minutes. You only need 12 minutes to watch this beautiful anime and enjoy as it fills your heart with a melancholic, bittersweet moments in life. I did not know about this anime if I wasn’t looking through MyAnimeList top anime, but after I watched it, I understand why this anime is awarded with the Academy Award in the category Best Animated Short Film in 2009. At first, I am a bit confused because usually the alternative title is in English, but this one is in French. After I watched it, I think that this anime has many French influences and I think that is why the creator chose to use French as its other title. These influences and the title were also said to be a strategy of the Japanese to win the Oscar, but no matter what the reason is, Tsumiki no Ie is still a great anime.

Another great thing from this anime is that you don’t even need a dialogue to know what’s going on. Instead, the background soft music will help you to feel the warmth of this anime even more. Through this unique, simple, yet beautiful idea, Tsumiki no Ie has become one of the best movies that I’ve ever watched. Even the graphic is not of that futuristic art, but it is perfectly designed that you can understand the main character well through the character design. Because of the short duration, you can watch it during your break, but I will recommend you to watch it when you really have the time and you will be able to think about the moral of the story even deeper.

MyAnimeList rating: 8.29

Personal rating: 10.00


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