This anime tells us a story about two very different girls who share the same name, NanaKomatsu Nana is a naive and easy to fall in love girl that wants to go to Tokyo to chase her boyfriend. On the other side, Oosaki Nana is a strong girl with punk style who wants to go to Tokyo to chase her dream as a musician. The two met each other during their way to Tokyo. After separated ways, the two suddenly meet again on their search of a place to stay and ended up with staying together as roommates. Through thick and thins, these two girls become best friends while going through uneasy life filled with friendship, romance, and music.

Before, I keep telling myself to watch this anime later because it has 47 episodes. However, I only needed two days to finish them all after I started. Nana is an interesting anime that shows how life is not always as we want it to be. One of the best things is the character. Through each episode, they develop very well. At first, I don’t like Komatsu Nana at all. Yet, later on, I can relate a bit to her. She is just a simple girl who wants everything to go well. Of course, we all do want the same thing. The plot won’t get you bored and things are told well about each character that you know why and how they become like that. One thing that is not very satisfying from the plot is the ending, or to be more exact, the last episode. Somehow it all seems that they just want to end it already even without giving a clear happy ending. However, apart from that, you will see the struggle through everyday life and the importance of friendship portrayed very well.

Other than the plot, of course the other best thing is the music. You may be getting bored because they only sing some same songs for the entire anime. But, if we think about it, actually it is pretty realistic since “practice makes perfect” and this anime is also about a band chasing their dream to be a great musician. The opening and ending songs are great that I still listen to them sometime now and they are also pictured the story of the anime. The art is presented in a shoujo comic style and I think that it is good enough though you won’t see much eye candy except if you are a fan of that tall and very thin characters. Overall, this anime is enjoyable though maybe for some of you, there are just too many episodes.

MyAnimeList rating: 8.56

Personal rating: 8.50



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