Pupa is a very short anime where it only has 12 episodes with 4 minutes each. Pupa tells us about the abandoned siblings Utsutsu and Yume Hasegawa. They live their pretty happy normal life until one day they found a group of red butterflies and followed them around.  What they didn’t know is that the butterflies are sign of the spread of a mysterious virus called “Pupa” that will change people to cannibal.

Luckily for Utsutsu is that he only partially affected, and instead of changing him, the virus gives him regeneration ability. However, things are not very pretty for his beloved sister who then changed into a monstrous creature with unstoppable desires for human flesh, though it was found out later that she can return into her human form. Utsutsu who can’t stand to watch the condition of his little sister then willingly sacrifice himself to be eaten by his little sister and protecting the world from her at the same time.

If you are the type that skips the opening and ending song (like me, except if I really like the song), than you can finish this anime for 40 minutes. Yet, even if you happen to have that spare time I will still suggest you to sleep or just randomly browsing things than to watch this anime. To be honest, I watched this anime just because I was curious when a friend said this anime has nothing good in it. Where the idea can actually be pretty interesting, the execution is just a fail. As a horror anime, Pupa will not give you any chill, but for you who can’t stand gore you will feel disturbed instead. There are so many things that can be explained and make this anime worth watching, yet due to the very short time, you will just wondering what actually happen.

As for the art, well, from the very beginning you can spot the main character very easily because of this tattoo or something that he has in his face. I don’t know how they allow that in high school, as much as I don’t know why would a man wears a very catchy hairpin. However, the art can pretty much picture the gloominess of the story. While for the music, the op and ed is okay, but the BGMs are very standard. If there is a thing that I like from this anime, it is the teddy bear scenes, simply because I like teddy bear and they didn’t draw it awfully.

MyAnimeList rating: 3.88

Personal rating: 1.00


2 thoughts on “Pupa

  1. I kinda wished they had made this into a longer anime and actually had time to develop the ideas. I really liked the set up and what I could figure out of the plot develpment but there was just too much skipped over and rushed due to the short run time. That said, the flesh eating scenes and some of the deaths toward the end are definitely on the disturbing side.


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