Shinsekai Yori

Shinsekai yori

Actually I find it hard to review about this anime without spoiling things up because personally I think that there are so many things to be told in this 25-episodes anime. Yet, I will try to review it anyway.

The story takes place in the town of Kamisu 66 in the far future where people are granted psychics ability after they became teenagers. Once their power awaken, they will go to the Sage Academy to learn to control about their power, and of course, about so many things in this new world. At the surface, the place looks like a utopia with so many strict rules for the people. Yet, it is not as nice as it is because even the students are afraid of the rumored tainted cat that is said to prey the students.

This anime focus on a group of five students who have known each other since their childhood. Things are normal until Watanabe Saki, the main character, and her friends learn the truth about the world they live in. How there are so many mysteries only known by the adults, how things seem wrong yet nobody bothers it, and how their life is not as peaceful as they thought it is.

Shinsekai Yori follows this group’s members since their childhood until they become adults and it shows the development of each character perfectly. Yet, even though the timeline took years, it is delivered very nicely and not in a fast pace where this anime really explains everything in details so you won’t be lost in a completely new world. Another interesting thing from the story that even though it is full of explanations, it is not boring, yet it gives many twists from the plot, apart from some surprises from the development of the plot. There are so many lessons that you can take from this anime too because there are political problems going on.

Other than that, the BGMs not really pique my interest, though I must say that both the BGMs and effects are really fit in supporting the story. The art is enjoyable where it is clear and pictures the rather traditional society very well. Probably if there is any minus point is that at the very beginning, like three first episodes, you won’t really understand what is happening. Especially in the beginning of the first episode, though it will all be explained in the later episodes.

MyAnimeList rating: 8.54

Personal rating: 9.75



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