It has been almost a month since I wrote my last review, where I spent most of my time to watch many anime. The most recent one is Shirobako that refers to the white box contains a finalized tape of a film. I actually have no idea about this anime at first, but now I think that this one is pretty underrated for not getting much spotlight.

Shirobako is a 24-episodes anime that tells us a story about five girls who just stepped into the working world, with each other chasing their dream to be a part of anime industry. Aoi Miyamori as the producer, Yasuhara Ema as the animator, Imai Midori as the script writer, Sakaki Shizuka as the seiyuu (voice actor), and Misa Toudou as the 3D artist. Overall Shirobako also tells us about how an anime is made. On the first half, it tells about the problem of each main characters related to how hard it is for them to chase their dream, while the second half, we are more introduced to the production process as the story is more focused on Miyamori.

I think that Shirobako is an anime that tells us what anime makers want to say to their viewers. We only see, while some also do reviews, an anime as its output. Yet, there are a lot more to see behind it. How every anime is the result of so many people’s hard work and most of the time hard work is not all that is needed because you will find various people with different characters and how each people understand hard work and even ideal can be different. From how the idea and the concept is made, how the storyboard plays the important role to keep it going, how the animation, sound, and effect are time-consuming and mistakes are intolerable most of the time. Even until the working life lesson that someone won’t be a junior forever. There will be a time that we will become a senior and trusted with bigger and greater responsibility, including teaching your juniors.

However, Shirobako not just portrays how anime making can be really stressful, it also portrays that as long as we are doing what we like, then we won’t feel so burdened by our works, and that in the end our hard works can be paid by the satisfaction of those enjoying them. If there is anything to be criticized about this anime, I think it will be how the first episode were pretty misleading because it will give us the impression that this anime is about high school life of an anime production club or something. Otherwise, it is an anime very worth watching without any cheesy love story, drama, or even fan service.

MyAnimeList rating: 8.50

Personal rating: 9.80


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