Psycho Pass


This is one of my favorite anime ever. Psycho Pass has a unique side that opens our eyes of the dark side of the government and their justice. The setting takes place in Japan on the 22nd century where the government has a sort of engine called “Sybil System”. With this technology, Inspectors, helped by the Enforcers (who are latent criminals), can measure the threat level of the citizen by looking at their “Psycho Pass”. Simply put “Psycho Pass” can be examined by looking through the mental state of a person, where someone under a great stress can have a high threat level, and vice versa.

The main character is Akane Tsunemori, a new inspector with a great sense of justice. However, being an inspector gives her a true sight of what the government is really like. Accompanied by one of her enforcers, Shinya Kogami, Akane learned that there is no such thing as “perfect judgement” even with the Sybil system and how the government itself is not as good as what she thought.

When we are looking for a fresh idea of a story of course I will recommend this anime highly. But I have to admit that Psycho Pass also has its own weak point. Most characters have complicated life and background and it has become a nice point of the anime. Yet when I say most, that means there are some which are not that interesting, and the bad thing is that lays in the main character and the main antagonist of the story. Akane has a way too perfect life and actually I think that she is “sick in her own way” because even under the pressure she can keep her Psycho Pass clear in the entire time. For the main antagonist, there is so little thing told about how he becomes some kind of psychopath.

Other than that, I enjoy everything else in this anime. The graphic of a modern city in the near future is great and it can show the dark ambience of the anime. The OSTs fit very well, especially because personally I like “Egoist” that performed the ending song.

MyAnimeList rating: 8.53

Personal rating: 9.50


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