Dareka no Manazashi

I haven’t watched all of his anime, but I have been a fan of Makoto Shinkai since “Hoshi no Koe”. Back then, his character design isn’t really my favorite. However, we can’t argue about the beauty and detail setting design. All of his anime that I have watched also has an interesting story, making those incredible artworks are more than gimmicks.

Dareka no Manazashi

Dareka no Manazashi is just a 6-minutes anime (or advertisement) with a simple story. Yet, in that simplicity, we are reminded of what is important and what we usually forget, or even left, due to the business of our daily life. While we are busy trying to make everything right, we forget the best and closest thing that we have all the time, our family. We often think how leaving our family and live by ourselves will give us freedom, however we rarely think about how our parents felt when we left them.

In such a short time, the narrator helped us to get hold of what’s going on and the message is clearly told. Personally, I don’t think that will hurt to make a longer version so we can take a grasp more of the situation because this anime is jump straight to the problem and the resolution, making it too fast-paced for some. But everything is good as it is, the storyline, the artwork, and the music, and the ending song.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.60

Personal rating: 8.50


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