C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

So, one day I randomly typed “anime to learn economy” and then this anime popped up in one of the top results so I watched it. C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control indeed is an anime that is very related to economy. The story tells us about an economic undergraduate student, who just want to be average, named Kimimaro Yoga who is forced to join a “game” that risks his future. In that game, each player will have their own asset that is given by the ruler and has their own shape in a different world. The game itself is like a duel where you can use the asset as a weapon (which means your money). The bigger the damage you took the more you lose the money. When you lose all your money you will bankrupt and lost your future. Simple, right?

Yes, the rules look simple but it is a serious matter and there are more to think about. You can simply think about how to win the game. But it’s not what happen with our main character and some people like Mikuni Shouichirou who realize that if you win, that means you are destroying your opponent’s future, but if you lost you are losing your own future. So the best thing to do is to win without making your opponent bankrupt, even though they will still have their real life affected. Things becoming more serious not just because this game will affect the player’s real life, but also because this game isn’t just played by undergrad students, but also big companies’ bosses who will seriously give bad impact to the country if they lose.

I actually like the original idea of this anime. The artwork is pretty nice too and you can learn an economic thing or two from this anime for real. However the execution with the story was not done that well. I know of some anime that will make sense after the 2nd or 3rd episodes. But things are move very fast here and left some questions explained bluntly. However, in my opinion it is still worth to watch it as this anime only has 11 episodes.

MyAnimeList rating: 7.47

Personal rating: 7.50


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