Eve no Jikan


If an Android ever have a feeling, what will it say to its master?

I guess Eve no Jikan is an anime that is trying to answer that question. Before I write more, be noted that I’m watching the movie (which is said to be a compilation from a 6-episodes anime, so maybe there are some details that are in the series and not in the movie, though I’m not really sure there is any).

Eve no Jikan takes place where Android or robot has become a normal part of people’s daily life. Here, the Android already developed with human shape, what makes them different is the small ring above Android’s head. In this anime, Android is more like what we know as house maid. They are completely obedient to their masters, even though most people treat them badly.

The story revolves around two high school boys, Rikuo and Masaki who discover a “weird” cafe that has a rule of treating Android and human equally. They realized that in that cafe, Androids are removing their rings, which is actually against the law. But, in the cafe, where they can’t differentiate which one is Android and which one is human, they found many interesting, or even a rather sad story. The problem is the existence of Ethics Committee, who think that Android can bring negative effects to people, where people become Android-holics and therefore have social problem. The Ethics Committee are trying to make people depend on the Android less and (though it is not said explicitly) they are ready to use all necessary means to achieve that.

There are some anime that tell about Androids or robots that have feelings, but what makes Eve no Jikan different and interesting is that it is packed in the picture of a daily life.vlcsnap-2016-04-04-16h44m27s213.png One of the scene is almost successfully make me cry. Here, we can see how many people doesn’t care for their Android because for them Android are merely tools, though on the other side there are many people who become over-dependent to the Android, or even feel love. The artwork is pretty good too, though the soundtracks are almost s0-s0, but the ending song by Kalafina is good.

The minus point is that there are a lot of questions left unanswered after watching this anime, especially about the Ethics Committee. The anime gives the spotlight to the cafe too much that it forgets how the Ethics Committee is actually has important roles too in the story. Also, [SPOILER ALERT] there is an incident that kind of triggers the action of the extremists, however, until the end what has happened was never really explained. But overall, it is a good one!

MyAnimeList rating: 8.29/10

Personal rating: 8.5/10


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